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The Growing Shift in E-Commerce Trend and How to Remain Competitive in Market

E-commerce or Electronic commerce is the most rising trend on the Internet. It is a term used for widespread online business activities for products and different services. If you wish to exchange products and services without the hurdles of time, location and reach, then e-commerce is essential for sellers to opt for and how Market Intelligence Tool by Elintell can help you remain competitive in the market.

In order to launch a leading and fruitful online store and to give a tough competitor pricing to others in the same race, one must be aware of the e-commerce principles and its developing trends. Consumers these days have become highly shrewd and the main task, in online business these days, is not just to fulfill their desires but also the luxury of best shopping experience.

It is not just the quality of product that a consumer is concerned with but also the service level that should be conveyed at all times while a purchase is in the process. By the year 2018, U.S. is set to generate a huge sum of money (around $490 billion) via the e-commerce industry alone.


According to Smart Insights, the US market is expected to decline gradually because e-commerce growth in Asia is rapidly capturing the market and is expected to increase twice from now to 2019 which means adding additional $1 trillion in just 3 years!

The main reason is because 67% of the global consumers buys from the foreign market due to lower prices and a variety of brands are available.


For sellers, the global shift in e-commerce trend opens new competitions but opportunities at the time, but how to seize those opportunities and remain competitive with such a massive shift? There are many price tracking tools available in the market which solely works for the purpose of competitor pricing analysis and leaves other factors such as Google ranking, Discount analysis, and Auto matching similar products, etc.

Elintell Marketing Intelligence Tool incorporates all these factors into account in one package and allows you to provide flexibility to your business and strategize the necessary steps to remain vigilant in trend shifts. Here’s how Elintell provides flexibility:


Elintell’s activity feed brings latest price changes from all of your competitors. You will be the first to know when the price changes or when there are new items added in the inventory.


Price Tracking by Elintell Marketing Intelligence Tool smartly monitors the price changes of multiple competitors’ inventory and provides a detailed analysis of changes for better decision making.

You can perform other functions such as Excel export, consistent API, email notification.


Cross Competitor Searches by Elintell Marketing Intelligence Tool allow you to search single product across multiple competitor to analyze the price variations which eases your search efforts and helps in setting up the right price. Here’s a quick look;


Price History by Elintell Marketing Intelligence Tool lists the pricing history of inventories which is helpful in analyzing the changing trends of different items, customer buying habits, and impacts of past price campaigns. Here’s a quick look;


Auto Match function by Elintell Marketing Intelligence Tool is a great way to group similar products regardless of their variations. It automatically matches and group items so you don’t need to do it manually or contact customer service constantly, Elintell provides the convenience. Here’s a quick look;


Care to know which item has been added recently in inventory? Which inventory has been discontinued? Inventory Tracker by Elintell Marketing Intelligence Tool monitors the inventory activity for better comparison.


Discount Tracking by Elintell Marketing Intelligence Tool analyzes your competitor’s discount campaigns and which helps you in setting your target profit and the prices you should set to get the best out of your sales.


In addition to engaging with your customers on your e-commerce platform; it is also important to monitor your website for ranking on Google to reach the top of your game. Google Page Rank by Elintell Marketing Intelligence Tool monitors your product’s webpage ranks on Google and shows which page is performing excellent and which page needs attention.


The world of e-commerce is gradually enhancing at a very fast pace. It is undoubtedly a huge platform with large online brands with strong footholds in the market. In order to persistently remain at the top of the customer’s priority list, you must offer them an experience like none other! Elintell Marketing Intelligence Tool, regardless of cross-border trend shifts in e-commerce, monitors competitors with its exclusive features and helps you to compete confidently and strategize accordingly.