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What Is Elintell?

Elintell allows you to track and analyze your competitors for your accurate and confident business decisions. Our price intelligence, inventory tracking & analytics add value to your business by accurately bringing important updates from all of your competitors.

price intelligence

inventory tracker

pricing analytics

page rank metrics


  • Track unlimited competitors
  • Extract up-to-date data
  • Price tracking for all sizes of e-commerce websites including Amazon, Aliexpress and Ebay shops


  • Easy to access
  • Fetch pricing history for better insights
  • See what's new in competitors inventory
  • Get day-to-day competitors price changes


  • Request your customized reports 24/7
  • Download or send data reports as email attachments

Search Engine

  • Search competitors inventory within no time
  • Get all related products available on unlimited competitors website for best price adjustments


  • Keep your products among google top search results
  • Analyze Google's page ranks of competitors
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Seamlessly import targeted market data from hetrogeneous sources

Gain insights of any online website, keep track of recent activity. Check price changes & page ranks within one platform

Why Elintell?

Improves Profitability

Keep tracks of unlimited competitors activity

Extracts 100% accurate data

Always up-to-date

About the pricing and plans?

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